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Real Photos by Ronnie's Creatives.

In recent years, AI generative images have become increasingly popular. These images are created by artificial intelligence algorithms, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, design, and entertainment. However, there are several benefits to using real photos.

The benefits of real photos are well known, but in the coming years the livelihoods of professional photographers along with associated businesses and equipment manufacturers, will very likely be greatly diminished and pushed into realms belonging to small niches of artistry.

Realism: Real photos are, by definition, usually realistic. However, there are many forms of photography that can be considered fine art. Intentional Camera Movement photography (ICM) is an example. Long-exposure photography is another example. Photographers often use a variety of clever techniques, filters, and inventive creative methods to create photographic art.

The simple fact is, real photos are captured by cameras, which record the real world as it is at the time the photograph is taken. This means that real photos can be used to create a sense of authenticity and credibility, in addition to providing a factual record of events captured in the photograph.

There is an endless variety of real photos available. You can find photos of almost anything, from landscapes to people to animals. Actual reality is captured by real photographers as opposed to the manifestations and conjurings of AI which learn how to create images by studying thousands of real photos and images scraped from across the internet or assembled datasets.

Real authentic photos that capture a moment in time, can be used to tell accurate stories and convey emotions in a way that AI may not. These aspects of photography may well help keep real photography relevant in a world soon to be dominated by AI, for generations to come.